Monday, April 21, 2014

Facts About A Pump Station Design

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When talking about a pump station design, there are indeed a lot of important things you must bear in mind. Among these things are the characters of pump setting. Know that the pump station can be permanent set or mobile. A permanent set pump station must be used if the pumping delivery is very high, the annual utilization of the pump station is high, and if high operational safety is necessary. On the other hand, a mobile pump station must be utilized is the use of pump is occasional only and the location of pumping is not permanent.

Another thing to bear in mind is the capacity of the pump station. The water delivery capacity and the number of pumps needed are defined by the amount of water that must be pumped and its actual fluctuation in quantity and time.
Pumping stations can actually be grouped as pumping water from a water source like a river, for lifting water from a well, to increase pressure or for pumping water into a supply system, elevated water tanke or water tower.

When it comes to setting up of pumps, there are 3 ways of setting, considering the pump type and the inlet chamber – pumps of vertical shaft sunk in the water of the pump well, pumps with vertical or horizontal shafts set in a dry chamber situated beside the pump well, or pump of generally horizontal shaft located above the water level.

About the author: Jane Moreirlle is planning of creating pump station designs for a certain commercial site. She is very thankful to for helping her with coming up with such designs.

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