Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Bank Guarantee Funding

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A Bank Guarantee or BG is a form of surety or promise provided by a bank or other financial institution. With this financing option, the bank ensures that the debts of an individual or company will be paid off in case they are unable to meet this obligation.

Bank Guarantee funding can be a beneficial financing solution for businesses. However, to make sure that you get the most from this financing option, you need to avoid some mistakes that can cost you and your business a lot:

Failing to notice that the procedures on the BG do not match.

In the event that the delivery procedures of the BG issuer don’t exactly match with the Bank Guarantee Monetizer, Funder or Discounter, you will never get the BG delivered because the two parties are incompatible with each other. The last thing you want to happen is for the transactions to be caught in a blame game of back and forth between Bank Guarantee Issuer and Bank Guarantee Funder, who each point the finger at one another. You can avoid this problem by going over the procedures carefully and getting an expert to read these as well.

Getting a BG that has the word “Leased” written on it.

According to financial and banking exerts, Leased Bank Guarantees can be monetized if they do not have the word "leased" written on the MT799 or MT760. If you buy a BG that has the word “leased” in the Bank Guarantee text when it is delivered to the funder or monetizer, they won’t get anything.  You simply have a worthless piece of paper you can’t use. As such, be on the lookout for the word “leased” on your BG once it is issued.

Being issued a BG that is neutered.
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Unfortunately, some financial institutions issue neutered Bank Guarantees. This is a type of BG that can only be used for credit enhancement on a company’s books but can never be monetized or traded. This can be a big shock to any company, especially if you do not have any plan B when it comes to paying for something.

Having a BG that has no CUSIP or ISIN Number.

Lastly, there are some Bank Guarantee monetizers or funders that will only accept BGs with CUSIP or ISIN Numbers. This means they will not accept a fresh cut bank guarantee, only seasoned instruments – BGS that have been created by one bank and issued to a second bank who then registers the CUSIP and ISIN numbers of the instrument. Although seasoned Bank Guarantees cost more since they have to be passed through two banks to become seasoned and are generally only available to be purchased from secondary owners not direct from the Bank Guarantee Issuing Bank, this is a safer and surer option of avoiding a lot of hassles and issues. 


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Top Reasons Why Companies Should Offer Employee Benefits

By Jonathan Lewiuse – Content Info Resource from

One of the key reasons why successful businesses thrive is because they go out of their way to make their employees happy by offering them the right set of incentives. There are plenty of ways employers can make their workers happy, the simplest and most effective of these is to offer employee benefits beyond what is mandated by law.

What are the benefits your company can enjoy by offering your employees these perks?

Attract top talent easier
In some industries, qualified and experienced professionals are limited and are often seen as valuable assets. If you wish to attract top talents to join your organisation, you have to offer more than the bare minimum. Paid vacations, retirement and health plans are just some of the benefits top companies offer to lure qualified professionals. On top of that, when you offer these benefits, your employees will feel that they are valued and get a sense that your company is stable.

Reduced turnover rates
When an employee leaves, your company has to spend a substantial amount of money to find a replacement and get the new hire onboard and trained. On top of that, a vacancy in the organisation can put additional stress and burden on your staff which can undermine their productivity.

By offering topnotch benefits, you can effectively reduce staff turnover. Your employees are less likely to look around for opportunities outside the organisation and you can cultivate a tight-knit team.

Boost employee morale
Selecting and offering the best benefits to your employees can help improve employee morale. In turn, a high employee morale can boost productivity in the workplace as well as cultivate employee loyalty.

A healthier workforce
If you offer your employees a reasonable amount of sick leaves, they will stay at home when they feel under the weather thus effectively reducing the chance of your other employees getting infected.

On the other hand, if you offer employees a health plan, they will likely go to see professionals for checkups and will undertake preventive measures. These can effectively reduce sick leaves and make your workforce healthier.

Improved job performance
Offering employee benefits above and beyond what is mandated by law will make your employees feel valued by the company. In turn, this makes them loyal and compelled to work harder for you.

Offering your workers employee benefits may entail a sizeable initial investment. However, you can easily recoup this investment in the form of a loyal and highly productive workforce.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trade And Export Finance Experts Share Some Business Processes Global Companies Should Optimise

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At present, many companies involved in the import and export industry fail to adapt their operations for international business. Because of this intentional or unintentional failure, they miss out on huge opportunities.

According to trade and export finance experts, if companies optimise these business processes, they can become more proactive instead of reactive and they will be recognised as exporting professionals.

Business Processes Trade And Export Companies Should Use And Maximise

Which types of business processes do trade and export companies need to use, improve, and optimise? These include:

Global logistics and product packaging issues. For your brand to be competitive, make sure you understand logistics and packaging. Certain resources and organisations can help you understand these things and the relevant requirements that go along with the logistics such as rules for labelling, packaging, and documentation, among others. If you’re still having your customers pick up their ordered products, you have already failed in this regard.

Marketing and sales service and support. As an exporting company, you should clearly and explicitly say that you’re interested in doing business overseas. Make it apparent that you have the desire to work with foreign companies since many will skip an opportunity to work with you if they don’t know or think you’re interested. You should also have a plan in place to prevent and address any issues that will come up in terms of your marketing and sales strategies.

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Sales and distribution channels. To improve and optimise this area, you have to correctly identify your markets first. Using the right strategies and tools, you will know which particular area you should be going to. A key element under this area includes investigating risks related to payment, economic, climate, and market potential. One way of optimising these channels is to find partners in these markets.

E-commerce and website globalization.
Regardless of its size, companies can optimize their websites for exporting. However, only a global business can have just more than a simple website. A step to achieving e-commerce and website globalization is to identify challenges and critical issues that may come up and address them properly if you want to use the Internet to grow your exporting business.

International finance and export pricing.
Lastly, if you are averse to financial arrangements other than payment in advance and US dollars funds, it’s time to make a change. This is because this is a huge competitive disadvantage. To correctly deal with these issues, look into the right type of insurance that will cover your business, make sure you price your products for export, find out if you can qualify for VAT exceptions or recovery, and make use of available finance tools which can help you go after big opportunities.

About the Author:

Wilma Farley is a financial advisor for start-up businesses. She recommends reading more about trade and export finance on HSBC’s website.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up A Recruitment Business

If you are planning to have your own recruitment agency, before taking any steps, you need to know if you are indeed committed to all the risks and the challenges that you have to face first. The opportunities are there for you to take, but are you really ready to do so?

Just like in any other business, setting up a recruitment business will not happen overnight. You need to ascertain whether you can and will do it. You need to have what it takes to strike out on your own. You need to save enough to get the proverbial ball rolling.  You need to be ready and willing to make sacrifices when it comes to time, money and effort.

When you are truly ready to make that leap of faith, the next thing that you will need to do is to get a fair idea of the requirements that you will need to meet. These may include legal, marketing, capitalisation and other requirements. Simply put, your plan of establishing your own agency is comprised of several moving parts. And if you fail to pay equal attention to these key areas, you can hamper your agency's long-term viability and success.

One way to ensure success when planning on opening your own recruitment agency is to get help from professionals who know exactly how to build a business from the ground up. You need to know who to seek help from and how these people can actually help you with your struggles in starting this new business. By getting professional help, you will gain access to a few key benefits, compared to approaching things by yourself.

For starters, you will get all the help you need, especially in areas where your expertise may be limited or practically zero. These include marketing and branding, IT support, accounting, legal, and HR support. There are people who specializes in these areas and seeking help from them is not only a huge advantage on your part but also a plus in achieving business success.

Having an expert team looking out for you in other key areas, you can focus your time and attention to the areas of your expertise, enabling you to make a name for your business as quickly as possible. With a solid team working behind you, you will gain the confidence you need to succeed in setting up a recruitment business.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Crucial Components Of An Excellent Recruitment Business Plan

Starting a recruitment business can be among the solid business ideas you might want to try, most especially in today’s economically challenging times. With fewer jobs available, many would want to pay a significant amount of money in order to have access to high-quality employment opportunities. But this kind of business will require careful planning. Good thing there is a huge demand for its services.
To guarantee success for this business venture, it is very important for you to prepare a growth-oriented recruitment business plan. This will definitely help you in coming up with a clear path for the business so it will not just perform its job but also generate stable income and achieve longevity in the industry. Remember that when creating an excellent business plan, you must be aware of the different significant components.

Important Components Of A Business Plan

  1. Vital Business Digits – Efficient planning will always bring performance numbers under the spotlight. Such numbers will represent the goals and the things that must be done for the business to fly. These will include assigned expenditures, sales forecasts, and other cash activities.
  2. Breakthroughs – These will indicate progress or success. It is very important for you to project what these milestones are so you can see the amount of effort and time it will take for these to be accomplished.
  3. Metrics – These are also performance indicators that you must list to clearly define the success of your efforts. Moreover, these will help identify areas for improvements so you can reach your goals. Ensure that the metrics you use are valuable and measurable. Among the most common metrics that must be included in an efficient recruitment business plan are leads, traffic, retentions, conversions, total client-applicant matches, engagements, and successful hires.
  4. Strategy – This is all about directing attention or focus on what is really important. It is what you must be doing in order to achieve your business objectives. Experts have shared the 3 significant elements you must incorporate.
  • Business Image – You must identify what your business is, how it does things differently, its strengths and weaknesses, and what its objectives are.
  • Target Market – You must determine who you’re catering to, where they are from, their educational attainment, their socio-economic class, and more. These pieces of information are very crucial in making the best business plan.
  • Services – Determine the other offerings your business can provide to help the people who turn to you. It would be beneficial to have a website you can regularly update with beneficial articles for job seekers.

Indeed, a growth-oriented recruitment business plan will require a lot of work; however, getting it done property will surely be a solid foundation for your business.
Source: can be your best partner if you want to run your own recruitment business today.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Become A Coach With The Best Coach Training Today

Be A Coach
Coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career for those who want to help people achieve their goals. Certainly, you will earn a significant income from this. But what is very valuable is the positive change you will create in other people.

So if you want to help people overcome obstacles, become a coach. Today, there are plenty of people looking for someone to motivate and guide them so they’ll get closer to achieving their goals.

Things To Consider If You Want To Become A Coach

There is a real deal with becoming a coach. It is very important that you get coach training prior to beginning coaching anyone even when you feel like you’ve been coaching your entire life. Bear in mind that your style or manner of coaching will leave a very lasting impression on people. Moreover, this will make them listen to the value you are delivering.

Coach training will include practice and knowledge of the ICF coaching competencies. This also includes the specific coaching skills as well as tools you will need to become a professional coach. After mastering these and have coached for the required number of coaching hours, you can now apply for ICF coach certification, a must-have in the industry.

It is highly recommended that if you want to be a coach, you need to get the ICF accredited training from a world-renowned coach training school.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Financial Planners In Sydney Cite Tips In Improving Business Cash Flow

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Improving cash flow is a hard task business owners need to do. Luckily, there are now a number of ways to improve cash flow. The ideal option is to hire financial planners. Sydney business owners state that these experts can provide wonderful tips that can help entrepreneurs. Below are some of the following.

Offer incentives for early payments and penalize late payments

One of the best ways to improve business cash flow is to provide incentives for early payers and penalize late payments. Most of the time, business owners offer numerous payment options for their clients. However, there are cases when business owners need to wait for a long time for their payments. Therefore, making use of this strategy will allow business owners to create a stable cash flow.

Negotiate extended payment terms with suppliers

Another option to improve business cash flow is to negotiate payments with suppliers. This is a very important factor for business owners in order to manage late payments. Negotiating for extended payments can also help business owners create better payment schedules.

Manage Inventory Levels

Finally, business owners also need to manage their inventory levels. This is another important factor since owners can easily lose track of inventory and negatively affect their cash flow. Other than that, neglecting inventory can also decrease your cash flow since there is a possibility of purchasing too much items for your shop.

By knowing all these, business owners can improve their cash flow to make their future better. Know more about financial planners in Sydney on this site.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

How Can You Improve Your Online Marketing With A PR Agency In Dubai

Online marketing is an essential factor business owners need to consider to make their ventures better. However, with the increasing number of online competitors, business owners need to look for ways to stand out. Luckily, there are good ways in improving your online marketing, Dubai seasoned experts claim. One of the best options is to work with a PR agency. With the help of such experts, you can obtain the following features.

Emphasize the interesting aspects of your business

One of the best services a PR agency can provide is to help you emphasize the interesting aspects of your business. In order to entice your clients, it is essential that you give them sufficient information about your services or products. In this way, clients can determine whether your service can help them or not.

Experience good and reliable online services

Another way PR agencies help improve your online marketing strategy is they provide good online services. As of now, some PR agencies also offer SEO services like social networking strategy and online advertising. With this said, you do not need to look for online specialists since PR agencies can do it for you.

Create compelling content

Finally, to entice clients and get their attention, PR agencies can assist you in creating compelling content. By doing so, you can easily communicate with your target audience and give them an idea how your business can improve their future.

With all these, business owners can obtain their online goals, which can help them gain better profits and better reputation. Know more about online marketing in Dubai on this site.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Benefits Of Getting A Crane Hire From Sydney Companies

Contractors need to opt for the latest technology when it comes to tower crane hire, most especially when they are after the best productivity for their project site. Regardless of what your purpose may be for hiring a crane, it is highly recommended that you source it only from a modern fleet catering to a wide range of requirements. It won’t actually matter what the size of the site is or perhaps the magnitude of the lift is – it must be capable of providing you with the crane you need.

Tips When Getting Crane Hire Services

If you are considering crane hire, Sydney companies offer both self-erecting cranes and conventional tower cranes. This will make sure that they can outfit your project with the right equipment. Erecting as well as dismantling your hired tower crane is actually a part of their job.

Crane Hire In Melbourne
An excellent crane hire company will offer relevant services like servicing and fault detection, sourcing spare parts, storage, and many more. Also, it should offer both new and used cranes for sale.

Apart from hiring quality cranes, you must also hire the right work crew. The mark of an excellent tower crane hire is high standard all around. Contractors need to prioritize safety and reliability. Ensuring that nothing untoward will happen is a must. So you need to verify that they have updated service records, work cover certificates, and crane safe and lifting equipment records. Moreover, make sure that your crane hire crew must be comprised of fully certified and trained individuals. They need also to be knowledgeable in all levels of dogging, rigging, and operation of tower cranes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Common Mistakes Committed When Creating Promotions In Dubai

When it comes to business opportunities in UAE, Dubai is the prime location for it all. With its thriving economy and constant growth, your business can skyrocket instantly. However, in order to achieve this, it is important to promote your business and brand. Unfortunately, there are numerous mistakes committed when creating promotions in Dubai. To help you, below are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

Failing to identify your goals

First and foremost, it is important to set your goals before planning your promotions. This is important since in order to create good promotional plans, you need to make sure that you have identified your goals.

Opting for cheap print materials

It is also essential that you do not use cheap materials. Surely, print ads are quite expensive. However, never opt for cheap prints since these materials will represent your business and you would only want the best.

Using other companies’ promotional strategies

You must also not use other companies’ promotional strategies. You may likely find some strategies used by other companies that are very effective. But, using the same strategy will only affect your business reputation. In addition, using other companies’ strategies can also lead to legal lawsuits.

Hiring incompetent promotions service providers

Hiring promotions service providers can be a good idea. But, make sure that you avoid incompetent service providers. By doing so, you are rest assured that you can obtain the best services that can match your needs.

By knowing all these, business owners are rest assured that they can promote their services and products easily and efficiently. Know more about promotions in Dubai on this site.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Services Of Reliable Financial Planning Experts In Sydney

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Many individuals experience issues with their finances that restrict them from making their lifestyle financially stable. It gets even worse when you need to fulfill with numerous financial obligations for your business and for your personal needs.

Luckily, individuals can now hire experts in financial planning. Sydney wealth experts state that financial planning companies can provide you with numerous services that can match your needs. Below are some of the following.

Debt and cash flow

In order to save money, it is important to have a good cash flow. With the help of financial planning experts, they can provide you with a cash flow management plan to maximize the amount saved, while minimizing spending.

Wealth management

Managing wealth can be a hard task especially if you need to do other tasks. Luckily, financial planning experts will put together a highly tailored wealth management program that helps put you on track to achieve your long term financial goals.


One of the biggest problems when it comes to finance is taxation since there are certain factors you need to know in order to calculate the right tax you need to pay for. In addition, there are some taxes wherein you can reduce your payment. Financial planning experts can help you accomplish all these tasks easily.

Business planning and asset protection

Asset protection is necessary in order for you to maintain a better future. By working with financial planning experts, individuals can protect their assets properly and even plan a business efficiently in order to match their needs.

With all these wonderful services, individuals are rest assured that their financial problems can be resolved. Know more about financial planning experts in Sydney on this site.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Can A Financial Planner In Melbourne Do For You

As of now, one of the most common goals of individuals they wish to achieve is to be financially stable. Of course, there are numerous ways to achieve this goal. For one, you can simply save up money from your 9-5 work. Next, you can invest a part of your savings. Another option is to start your own business.

With these choices, there is a high possibility that you can improve your future and prepare for your retirement, but there are still cases when you may experience financial difficulties. In order to avoid these issues, it is best to hire a financial planner. In Melbourne, financial planners are important in the business sector since they provide reliable services.

Luckily, these planners can also help families and individuals. To know more about financial planners, below is a list of what they can do for you.

Financial planners will you assess your current standing

First and foremost, financial planners will assess your current standing. This is an important undertaking in order for you to properly determine where you at and what must be done in order to achieve your goals.

Planners will reduce your financial stress

After knowing your current standing, financial planners will help you reduce your financial stress. This is possible since financial planners will help you simplify your financial options and sharpen the focus on your short and long term goals. In addition, they will also help you avoid making costly mistakes by challenging your thinking and holding you accountable.

Financial planners will provide you with expertise and knowledge you may not have

Finally, planners will provide you with expertise and knowledge you may not have. To help you with this, planners will take the time to sit down with you and explain what they mean to you and how they may impact your investment portfolios.

With all these, individuals are rest assured that they can make their future financially stable. Know more about Melbourne financial planners on this site.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Getting The Services Of Mobile Phone Repair Experts In Dubai

If your phone got broken or damaged, for whatever reason it may be, you actually have a couple of options to consider. You can buy a new unit. You can try to fix it by yourself. Or bring it to a reliable smartphone repair shop.

For most people, buying a new phone is the most convenient way of dealing with broken phones. Bear in mind that this option may entail a huge amount of money. This may not also be a better option if your phone has a sentimental value. For phones not already covered by a warranty, choose to fix it by yourself or perhaps allow experts to repair your broken phone. Today, there are already a lot of online resources providing tips for such tasks – from online videos to blog posts.

DIY Tips For Repairing Your Phone

You must get the right tools for the job. If you use just any tool, the results might not be what you expect.

You must source the parts by yourself. Oftentimes, most of the parts you will need are not easily accessible to average consumers. Though you can source it online, the cost might be higher because this will include a shipping fee.

Take note that repairing your broken phone may void the warranty of the phone. So before trying to repair your phone, ask yourself if you have the right resources. Also, take into account the risks and tasks involved.

Getting Help From The Experts

The most recommended route for repairing your broken phone is to get the help of professional technicians as these individuals have the right skills, knowledge, tools, and experience to perform the job properly. In Dubai, there are several reliable shops specializing in repairing smartphones within a short time frame and for a reasonable price.

It is very important for you to invest sufficient amount of time researching which of these repair shops will offer the best service. You can actually check the reputation of every shop personally by asking past clients or going online.